Kiambu Road links Kiambu town to Nairobi City. Due to the increasing population of Nairobi City, many people who work in Nairobi have opted to live along Kiambu Road due to availability of land and cheaper housing compared to areas closer to the city center. Along its route are residential areas such as Muthaiga North, Runda, Fourways and Thindigua. To serve this growing population, amenities such as schools e.g., Brookhouse School and hospitals e.g., AAR Hospital have been put up. There has also been growth of businesses such as shopping malls, petrol stations, car dealerships and hotels. Due to the increased activity along this road, traffic congestion has become a major problem for the users of this road. During most times of the day some level of traffic congestion is experienced. For example, for a person to be in the CBD by 8 am on a weekday, they have to leave Runda by 7.20 am (Google Maps, 2022) meaning that it takes at least 40 minutes to cover a distance of 9 kilometers, a distance that should ideally be covered in less than 20 minutes. The same congestion is also witnessed in the evening as users travel from the CBD to their homes along Kiambu Road. This leads to a loss in man hours, high fuel costs and frustration among road users.

Degree Program
Project Supervisor
Eng. George P.K. Matheri
Student Name
Muita Victor Muthui – F16/34800/2014