Evidently, over the years there has been a high demand for road network. It is a major priority for
every Government that comes to power to develop and improve on the road network systems.
However, most times, there occurs a need to improve the properties of deficient soils, in order to
provide accessibility even amongst rural dwellers and farmers who comprise most of our country’s
population. In the need to tone down the cost of soil stabilizers as well as cost of waste disposal,
global research towards economic utilization of wastes for engineering purposes (Awarriet
al.,2022). The over reliance on industrial stabilizers such as lime and cement have made
construction of these stabilized roads financially high.
Maize being amongst the largest produced and consumed crop in our country has seen the rise of
maize cobs as a waste material being largely disposed after the maize grains have been obtained.
This has made maize cobs to become more of an environment pollutant and also health hazards
such as respiratory problems due to exposure to its particulate matter.

Degree Program
Project Supervisor
Eng Miracle Wachira.
Student Name
OLALI NOAH AWINO F16 /128796/ 2018