Some of the major problems affecting this road cross intersection are:  Lack of a proper drainage system especially during heavy rains on the two undone streets.  Speeding especially of matatus at the intersection.  Excessive intersection conflicts within/ near the intersection  Vehicle conflicts with non-motorists. Pedestrians and cyclists are not catered for and therefore makes it hard for them to share the road with motorists.  Inadequate sight distance at the intersection. Being located at the horizontal curvature of the main road and having market stalls near the road there is decrease in sight distance of vehicles approaching the main road from the minor road Kincar-Airways-Zebra road.  Misjudgment of gaps in traffic.  Inappropriate intersection traffic control. There is lack of stop signs or a give way sign on the minor roads for vehicles approaching the main street.  Improper location of the bus stops. When the public service vehicles stop for pick-ups or drop-offs there is increased traffic hence traffic flow is limited

Degree Program
Project Supervisor
Eng. Hesbon Okari
Student Name
Omamo Faith Maria Auma F16/81818/2017