With a burgeoning construction industry, the demand for materials for construction has gone up tremendously. Considering that the bulk of construction materials are naturally occurring, the exploitation of natural resources is inevitable. Aggregates used in concrete production are obtained by quarrying through rock to break down to smaller sizes. The negative consequences of this include but are not limited to: creation of fault lines in underlying rock formations, conversion of land use in agriculturally productive areas, creation of large open pits posing physical danger to residents, noise and dust production and loss of a region’s aesthetic beauty. Manufactured construction materials pose a problem to the environment through the disposal of waste produced in the manufacturing process. The utilisation of landfills to dispose of waste presents the problem of suboptimal use of economically viable land, introduction of toxins into the soil that could leach into the soil contaminating groundwater, windblown pollutants such as dust and empty cement bags, noise pollution from dumping trucks and the loss of aesthetic beauty.

Degree Program
Project Supervisor
Eng. Prof. John Mwero
Student Name
Njogu Maina Michael F16/1736/2016