Different projects require cement types that possess specific characteristics for example the compressive strength in order to improve efficiency. Cement manufacturing farms started manufacturing cement suited for specific applications in a particular project to improve efficiency and avoid unnecessary costs, for example the quality of cement required in high-rise structures is different to that required in low-rise structures.  Also certain cements are suitable for certain components of the structure. This availability of several types of cement has caused confusion on construction sites where the mixing gang have little knowledge of the cement applicability suitability based on strength characteristic unless guided by a professional engineer. Using the right type of cement not only confirms the soundness of the structure, but also reduces maintenance costs, and avoids unnecessary costs. Hence having an easier way to tell between the cement types is of prime importance during the project construction.

Degree Program
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Eng. Wokabi
Student Name
JUSTINE NYABUTO F16/102909/2017