Accessibility of people and goods to various centers is the basic function of a road and is important for socio – economic activities of the society. In Sigiri (Busia County) accessibility across river Nzoia is a big challenge to the residence of the area due to the absence of a bridge and as a result the only mode of transport across the river is by use of small boats. This largely affect the socio - economic activity in the area due to limited transportation

 The road in the area is also in very poor state and condition as stated below:

a) Dust – Since the road in the area is not tarmacked, dust is normally a big challenge affecting the local air quality. (Pollution problem)

b) Missing road furniture – The roads in the area have no signs.

c) Pavement riding surface – it is very rough.

Due to the conditions plans to construct a bridge across the river together with approach roads of 1.5 km from each side of the bridge totaling to 3km approach road is in place. Structural design of new bitumen surface roads in Kenya earlier was based on combination of Road note NO.29 and 31 published by the British Transport and Road Research laboratory. These notes were not specifically tailored to cater for the current needs of roads in Kenya. Research carried specifically on Kenyan soils, loading and environmental conditions Culminated in the development of Road Design Manual Part III by the ministry of Public works. Adoption of the guidelines and standards given in the manual does not necessarily ensure a serviceable and economic road design, but should be accompanied by a careful consideration and balancing of the various design controls, criteria and elements. The design should aim at a pavement system that can offer sufficient stiffness to counter the deterioration due to overloading while remaining flexible enough to accommodate necessary deflections without fatigue. Surface deterioration has often lead to much attention drawn towards road rehabilitation as opposed to construction of new roads.

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Mungu Radiance Rabillo