The lack of enough supply of parking space in Kikuyu Town has increased the demand of parking space in the town. This has led to high occurrences of illegal parking. This causes inefficiency in vehicular movement. It inconveniences both pedestrians and motorists causing limited accessibility to the town. This eventually causes congestion in the surrounding and connecting roads. Carrying out this parking assessment study in Kikuyu Town and coming up with possible remedies will support the aim of increasing sustainable transportation choices in our country.

Parking is often overlooked in its role in traffic behavior. It has been determined in the past as one of the most easily manipulated tools for managing traffic demand. For a town which has an influence in the general economy of the Kiambu county and the country at large, it is of great importance to come up with solutions to match the traffic demand of the town. This has therefore motivated me to perform a parking assessment on the curb sections affected by parking issues in the town.

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Eng. Mr. Paul M. Osano
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