Residents in Syokimau, Machakos County have a persistent problem with access to clean safe drinking water. The water supply in the region is not fully developed to cater for their needs. This has led them to depend on boreholes for their water needs. The residents have complained that the borehole water is salty and not safe to use it. They say
that it causes discoloration to their teeth and clothes (Olingo, 2011).

There is a water reservoir in the area where sewage water from the surrounding estates flows to and several seasonal streams also flow into it. The reservoir is a man made reservoir. It was dug by the early European settlers for mining purposes. It was later left open and over time rainwater collected into it. Today it is used for fishing and watering vegetables that have been planted next to it.

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Eng. S. K. Ngari
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Eric Muchira Gitari,