Construction is an art and science that brings together resources, skills and materials to develop a structure, road or civil works. It involves the application of various expertise whose roles overlap from conception to completion. One of the most important stages of the construction process is the design stage. The key player in a structural project design stage is the structural engineer. The role of the structural engineer in a structural project is to make sure the structure, after conforming to the client’s needs and the architect’s vision, stands in such a way that it adheres to its functionality and safety requirements, economic viability and comfort and is aesthetically pleasing through proper structural analysis, design and site investigations. The engineer also supervises the construction process to ensure his/her designs are realised efficiently. Other inputs into the engineering design process including (Arya, 2009): 1. Client brief 2. Experience 3. Imagination 4. A site investigation 5. Model and laboratory tests 6. Economic factors 7. Environmental factors. The structure is designed from the roof level down to the ground level including slabs, beams columns, stairs, walls and foundations therefore a proper geotechnical report, wind characteristics and other data are also required. The engineer also ensures that the structure is designed as economically as possible without compromising safety and other requirements.

Degree Program
Project Supervisor
Prof. Silvester Abuodha
Student Name
Alladina Mohsin Noorani