Eng. Mellesse Yimam, a PhD student at the Department of Civil & Construction Engineering, University of Nairobi, recently showcased his groundbreaking research at the prestigious Nairobi Innovation Week. His presentation focused on an innovative application of concrete technology, leveraging particle packing technology and admixtures to develop an eco-friendly concrete solution. Eng. Yimam's pioneering work represents a significant step towards sustainable construction practices and garnered attention from experts and industry professionals.

The Innovation:

Eng. Yimam's research revolves around the development of eco-friendly concrete, addressing the need for sustainable and environmentally conscious construction materials. His innovation combines particle packing technology, which optimizes the arrangement of particles in concrete mixtures, with carefully selected admixtures. This novel approach not only enhances the structural properties of concrete but also minimizes the environmental impact associated with traditional concrete production.

Key Advantages:

Eng. Yimam's eco-friendly concrete offers several key advantages. Firstly, it reduces the carbon footprint by optimizing the use of cement, a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions during concrete production. By improving particle packing, the amount of cement required can be significantly reduced without compromising the strength and durability of the concrete.

Secondly, the incorporation of admixtures enhances the workability and performance of the concrete. These additives improve the concrete's resistance to cracking, increase its durability, and enhance its ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The eco-friendly concrete also exhibits improved water permeability, reducing the risk of moisture-related issues such as corrosion of steel reinforcement.

Eng. Yimam's research demonstrates the potential of his eco-friendly concrete to revolutionize the construction industry by offering a sustainable alternative to conventional concrete. The innovation aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions, promote green building practices, and mitigate the environmental impact of construction activities.

Supervision and Acknowledgements:

Eng. Mellesse Yimam's research is supervised by Prof. Eng. Abuodha, a renowned expert in concrete technology, and Dr. Eng. Simpson Abuodha, an esteemed researcher in sustainable construction. Their guidance and expertise have been instrumental in shaping the direction of Eng. Yimam's research and ensuring its successful implementation.


Eng. Mellesse Yimam's participation in the Nairobi Innovation Week with his innovative eco-friendly concrete solution marks a significant milestone in sustainable construction practices. By leveraging particle packing technology and admixtures, his research offers a promising approach to reducing the carbon footprint of concrete production while enhancing its performance. Eng. Yimam's work exemplifies the Department of Civil & Construction Engineering's commitment to fostering innovative and environmentally conscious solutions in the field of concrete technology. It is through such groundbreaking research that we can strive towards a more sustainable future for the construction industry. 

Eng. Yimam with his colleagues.