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The purpose of this project is to design a Reinforced Concrete Bridge that is to be used in a grade separated interchange. This is to prevent weaving traffic conflict between vehicles and thus, fewer interruptions to traffic flow (uninterrupted flow). This is achieved by aligning a junction of two or more carriageways at different heights. The junction under consideration for the proposed interchange was the Kenyatta highway and Thika-Garissa highway, Kenya.
The proposed structure is designed and analyzedin accordance to BS 5400 and BS 8110. This includes the design of all the bridge superstructure and substructure elements. These elements include; deck, beams, retaining walls, piers and pad footings for the foundation. These elements are designed for ULS, which is coined as “load selection to cause most adverse effect.”
Chapter one of the project report introduces the objectives, aims and justification for the proposed interchange at the junction of Kenyatta Highway and Thika-Garissa Highway. Chapter two provides information on traffic congestion in urban areas and also more details on interchanges and bridges, their types, elements and design process. Ensuing chapters focus on design calculations and analysis of the bridge design. Then final chapters outline the recommendations and conclusion.
Analysis and design calculations were accomplished by hand technique, in accordance to BS 5400 for bridge design and Kenya Road Design Manual. Drawings and detailing was done by AutoCAD 2018 and RIVET.

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