The Civil Engineering curriculum is planned to provide a sound professional education. After completing their first-year courses, students are offered courses in Applied Mechanics, Hydraulics, Surveying, Materials, Structures, Engineering Management, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, and Environmental Health and Water Resources Engineering.

Courses in mathematics, computer programming, and non - technical subjects are also obligatory in the programme. Throughout their studies, students are encouraged to take part in applied and theoretical research as well as in practical professional training.

What  is  Civil  Engineering?

Civil Engineering is a profession that plays a major role in the research, planning, design, construction, development and management of the infrastructures necessary for community life. This infrastructure includes water drainage, storage, treatment and pipeline systems; roads and public transport systems; large buildings such as office blocks, shopping centers, schools, and hospitals; recreational facilities such as parks and sports stadia.

What do Civil Engineers do?

Civil engineers can specialize in any of the diverse aspects of their profession, such as project management, construction, environmental analysis, design, and transport planning. They work together with other professions concerned with the environment, town planning, architecture and community development. Some civil engineers work on construction sites, while others are office-based. Certain projects require years of involvement while others are completed within weeks. Hence a civil engineering career is full of variety.

Who should consider becoming a   Civil Engineer?

An ideal civil engineer is someone who:

•     Thrives on the challenge of problem-solving

•     Is motivated to get things done and is prepared to be involved throughout the process

•     Has good mathematics and science skills

•     Enjoys working with other people, including that outside of their profession

•     Wants to make a positive difference to the world around them