Principle Instigator
Kahura Daniel Njenga

One of the main effects of extreme weather are floods. Floods have an adverse effect on various
aspects of society including the reduction of mobility, damage of property, damage of infrastructure
and loss of lives. The aim of the current paper is to determine the impact of flooding within the
Nairobi metropolis following the onset of long rains in the city. The research was geared towards
determining the way in which this problem affects the social, economic and political aspects of life
for the city’s residents. To acquire valid and reliable data, the research was narrowed down to the
examination of South C Estate in Nairobi. The primary method of data collection was through
physical distribution of questionnaires among residents of this estate. It also involved the interaction
with municipal officials affiliated to the various agencies tasked with addressing this issue. The
findings indicated that flooding could be effectively addressed through the implementation of
reliable strategy and planning measures targeting the concerned region and through the efficient
cultivation of disaster management practices within the city.


Project Code
FCE 590
Project Status