Principle Instigator
Maclaurin M Shikokoti

The design of deep foundation is usually a challenging task and interesting job, especially in soft grounds. The foundation of a structure is the most critical part and it has to be strong for the building to be strong.
Pile foundations are used to provide support to different structures like high rise building and bridges over water bodies. They enable safe transfer of structural loads to a strong bearing strata thus preventing excessive settlement of the given structure. A pile foundation may consist of a single pile or group of piles that act together to carry the loads of the structure. Piles are commonly used in cases where the soils are weak to carry the loads or for economic construction.
The project contains an introduction to pilling, the problem statement, study location and a brief literature review of piles. In literature there is definition of types of piles and their design procedure. The project also consists a Geotechnical site investigation and collection of samples which are tested. The project then has the design of an appropriate cast in place pile foundation.
I was able to design a cast in place pile foundation by use of reinforced concrete.

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