UoN Alumni Affairs in collaboration with the Department visited Geothermal Development Company (GDC) at their headquarters in Kawi House on Friday, 8th April 2022. The UoN Alumni Affairs was represented by Kenneth Sawe and Beatrice Ndaisi. Jeff Anduvate, a UoN alumnus and a former ESA chairperson represented the alumni. Muthomi Munyua represented the Department of Civil & Construction Engineering and the Faculty of Engineering. 

The UoN Alumni delegation was received by Wanjiru King'ara, Jedidah Ojwang and Anne Wanyoike of GDC. The visit included a discussion with the GDC team. The key points of discussion were mentorship, site visits, research & collaboration, and curriculum development among others. During the talks, Wanjiru King'ara of GDC pointed out that there were gaps in our curriculum. There was no specialisation in Drilling Engineering. GDC has had to train their staff about drilling in foreign countries, most notably in South Korea. 

GDC was enthusiastic about offering leadership talks and providing mentorship to students from the huge pool of professional engineers in their employ. Students were also encouraged to apply for internships to the GDC via the Public Service Commission. Wanjiru King'ara emphasised on the need for students to also learn entrepreneurship and self-employment avenues. GDC and UoN resolved to collaborate in future. 

The meeting ended with a photo session where UoN Alumni Affairs representatives presented some branded materials to GDC as a token of appreciation. 

GDC and UoN
From left: Jedidah Ojwang (GDC), Jeff Anduvate (UoN Alumnus), Kenneth Sawe, Beatrice Ndaisi (UoN Alumni Affairs), Wanjiru King'ara (GDC), Muthomi Munyua (CCE) and Anne Wanyoike (GDC). 
Kenneth Sawe and Wanjiru King'ara
Kenneth Sawe (UoN Alumni Affairs) and Wanjiru King'ara (GDC). 
Muthomi Munyua and Jedidah Ojwang
Muthomi Munyua (CCE) and Jedidah Ojwang (GDC).