0n 17th May 2023, renowned academic and innovator, Prof. Siphila Mumenya, a distinguished professor in the Department of Civil & Construction Engineering at the University of Nairobi, recently made a captivating presentation at the Nairobi Innovation Week. The presentation focused on her groundbreaking work in the field of innovation and highlighted the design and fabrication of a household gasifier, a project that has gained significant attention for its potential to revolutionize household energy consumption.

Prof. Mumenya's expertise in sustainable energy solutions has made her a prominent figure in her field. Her presentation at the Nairobi Innovation Week provided an excellent platform to showcase her latest innovation and shed light on the pressing need for cleaner and more efficient energy alternatives.

The concept of a household gasifier revolves around the development of a compact device that efficiently converts solid biomass, such as agricultural waste and wood chips, into a clean-burning gas. This gas can then be used for cooking, heating, and other energy needs in households. By utilizing biomass resources that are readily available, the gasifier offers an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution, particularly for communities in rural areas.

During her presentation, Prof. Mumenya eloquently highlighted the key features and advantages of the household gasifier. She emphasized its ability to reduce reliance on traditional fuels like firewood and charcoal, which contribute to deforestation and indoor air pollution. Additionally, she outlined the gasifier's potential to promote economic empowerment by enabling communities to produce their own energy and reduce their energy expenditure.

The audience at the Nairobi Innovation Week was captivated by Prof. Mumenya's comprehensive and insightful presentation. Her expertise and passion for sustainable energy solutions were evident throughout her talk, inspiring others to explore innovative approaches to address pressing societal challenges.

The recognition and acclaim that Prof. Mumenya's presentation received at the Nairobi Innovation Week underscore the significance of her work and its potential impact on energy sustainability. As an academic and innovator, her research and practical applications continue to shape the landscape of sustainable development and inspire future generations of innovators.

The Department of Civil & Construction Engineering at the University of Nairobi takes immense pride in Prof. Mumenya's achievements and contributions to the field. Her dedication and commitment to finding innovative solutions to global challenges demonstrate the department's commitment to excellence and its mission to make a positive difference in society.

In conclusion, Prof. Siphila Mumenya's presentation on "The Design and Fabrication of a Household Gasifier" at the Nairobi Innovation Week showcased her groundbreaking work in the field of sustainable energy solutions. Her innovation holds great promise in transforming household energy consumption and promoting a more sustainable future. The Department of Civil & Construction Engineering congratulates Prof. Mumenya on her achievements and looks forward to further advancements in the field of innovation and sustainability. 

Prof. Mumenya