There was a Community Clean-up, Tree Planting and Mental Health Talk for World Environment Day held on 4th June 2022 along Kitengela Road and Ngei Primary School in Langata to Mark the World Environment Day. University students participated in the event. 


Theme- My Environment My Responsibility, Mazingirayangu Wajibuwangu Goal-To sensitize people on the effects of improper waste management in the society Driven from- World Environment Day, Sunday 5 th June 2022.

Event Organizer- Darren Hart, Civil Engineering Student at the University of Nairobi.

Organizations/groups that were present/represented;

-Darren Hart Foundation

-University Of Nairobi Students

-Hugs Organization

-RAIR movement Organization

-Cleanup Kenya

-Young Men’s Christian Association

-The Kenya scouts Association

-The Millennial Environmentalist

-Project Cleanup Lang’ata

- African Youth Advocates

-Oasis Health Specialty Hospital

- The Altruistic Life Team

-Mazingira Women Initiative

-Naweza 254 Organization (Majengo)

-Volunteer Involving Organization

-East Africa ICS College

-Kenya University students

-Kenya College of Accountancy students

-Nairobi leadership academy

-Kenya Girl guides Association

-Let’s Do It Kenya

-Green Thinking Action Party

-Kibera Joy Initiative Kenya(Kibera)

-The Green Globe CBO(Zimmerman)

World Environment day is celebrated annually on 5th June and was started by the United Nations General Assembly to encourage awareness and action for the protection of the environment. The theme for this year’s World Environment Day was "Invest in our planet to foster climate action’’. We aimed to satisfy this goal by involving the public in cleaning up the land pollution that has occurred in Kitengela road- Southlands slum (Lang’atta). That has enabled the masses to understand the implications that our actions have on the environment. Littering the land will cost us our clean water, food, fertile soil and foliage cover. Proper waste management will protect our land, water and air from pollution. We chose this area because we noticed it suffers the consequences of improper management of solid waste. That activity has enabled us to send an encouraging message to the citizens residing in that area to take a step forward in maintaining their waste. Tree Planting Exercise The exercise was successful within the compound of Ngei primary. We were able to plant 120 tree seedlings of different indigenous trees and fruit trees. We involved the community and pupils in this noble task where we first sensitized on the importance of planting trees and disposing of waste correctly and recycling. Notable names of the seedlings we were able to plant:

a) Crotonmegalocurpus (Mukinduri in kikuyu)

b) Carosina

c) Graveria

d) mango

e) guava

f) Cyprus

g) avocado

Mental Health Talk

The greatest concern was to reduce the recent cases of youth dying by suicide and create a youth value addition in the social body and for future growth. The Organizing Committee that made this day a success, chaired by Darren Hart appreciates all the stakeholders who contributed in one way or another towards its success. We look forward to doing great of the same to make sure we make a difference.


1) Attendance A total of 446 people drawn from the Lang’ata community and various organizations, universities and schools attended the event.


a) We did a thorough cleanup and community sensitization on proper disposal of waste and recycling.

b) 120 trees were planted.

c) Mental health talk THE BUDGET World environment Day Support Support Materially Cleanup Kenya- supported with massive tools i.e. jembes, mattocks, spades etc -50 tree seedlings -Gloves -will provide certificates of participation to the attendees. Rair Movement- Supported with masks Mazingira Women Initiative- Supported with 30 tree fruit seedlings Project Clean up Lang’ata- supported with enough water to the attendees Kenya Scouts- Supported with 50 tree seedlings and Ksh 2,500 Project management Team-Supported with 20 brooms. 


Photos of the event can be accessed from: and further photos from!AvE7BN0niCpZhSVTX1SV3YRKmiUR