Darren Hart, a civil engineering student from the Department of Civil & Construction Engineering received  commendation from the Dean of Students of the University of Nairobi for organising the first mental health day at the University of Nairobi. The event had 510 attendees. 

Civil Engineering Student
Fourth-year Civil Engineering Student - Darrent Hart. 

The event was held on 3rd November at the Manu Chandaria Auditorium. The event sought to address the health of the students amid Covid-19, how to deal with stress, mental issues, well being and blood donation. The talk pointed out that the greatest concern is to reduce the recent case of students taking their own lives and to create a value addition body and off classroom for growth. 


The event was graced by Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF - Doctors Without Borders), the Chairman of the Department, Dr. Osano, Women Students' Welfare Association (WOSWA), Twaweza 254, CBO from Majengo slum and Kenya Girl Guides Association. 

The event was held in line with the Ministry of Health's Covid-19 protocols.