Are you a final-year engineering student at the University of Nairobi with a hunger for knowledge, a passion for your field, and the drive to succeed in your future career? The Advancement Office, in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Company Series Mentorship Programme. This is your chance to gain invaluable insights from experienced professional engineers in the industry.

About the Company Series Mentorship Programme:

The Company Series Mentorship Programme is a unique opportunity for 5th-year engineering students to receive mentorship from seasoned professionals working in the engineering industry. This mentorship will provide you with guidance, advice, and real-world insights as you prepare to take your first steps into the professional world.

Why Should You Apply?

  • Gain Real-World Insights: Learn from professionals who have been in your shoes and have successfully navigated the challenges of the engineering industry.

  • Expand Your Network: Build meaningful connections with experienced engineers who can provide you with valuable advice and potentially open doors to exciting career opportunities.

  • Career Development: Receive guidance on career planning, job search strategies, and how to excel in your chosen field.

  • Personal Growth: Develop essential soft skills, leadership qualities, and a deeper understanding of the engineering profession.

How to Apply:

If you're a final-year engineering student eager to participate in this mentorship program, we encourage you to apply now. It's easy to get started. Simply fill out the application form using the link below:

Application Form

Deadline for Applications:

The deadline for submitting your application is 13th October 2023. Don't miss this chance to be part of a mentorship program that could shape your future career in engineering.

What to Expect:

Once you've submitted your application, you will be matched with a professional engineer based on your interests and career goals. This mentorship will be a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed as an engineer.

Get Ready to Take the Next Step:

As you prepare to graduate and embark on your engineering career, don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to connect with industry professionals who can guide you on your journey. The Company Series Mentorship Programme is here to support your growth and help you make informed decisions about your future.

For any questions or more information about the mentorship programme, please reach out to the Advancement Office. We look forward to receiving your applications and helping you take that next step towards a successful engineering career.

Remember, your future in engineering is bright, and mentorship is the key to unlocking your full potential. Apply today and get ready to soar!

Application Form