Master's students who enrolled in September 2021 attend a seminar on their research proposals. Dr. Eng. Osano chaired the session. Mr. Muthomi assisted in guidance with the presentations. 

Some of the presentations were: 

  1. The Analysis of Public-Private partnerships in transportation projects and social impact assessment
  2. Evaluation of the Service Quality of the Mombasa-Nairobi SGR Passenger Train Service
  3. Pavement Evaluation Along Steep-To-Rolling Sections of The Highway A104 (Nakuru-Eldoret)
  4. Comparison of the suitability of french drains and geotextile materials in subsoil drainage.
  5. Evaluation of flexible pavement along Kenyatta Road- Gatundu Road
  6. Effectiveness of the Nairobi Inland Container Depot in Streamlined and Smooth Freight Movement
  7. Characterization of Cement Improved GCS for Road Pavement Construction. 
  8. Assessment of the Impact of Salinity on the Strength of Cement-Stabilized gravels
  9. Guidelines for Construction and Evaluation of Flexible pavement with Hand-packed stone Base.
  10. Effects of Interlayer Systems in controlling cracking in HMA pavement.
  11. The Nairobi Public Transport operations; a case study of the performance of Green Park terminus.

The students were also guided on the resources on the website:

Google meet.