A promising collaboration between two industry leaders and the Department of Civil & Construction Engineering at the University of Nairobi is set to bring transformative benefits to both academia and practice. In a significant development, representatives from Aleco and Prokon recently paid a courtesy call to the department, laying the foundation for a partnership that holds immense potential for educational advancement and industry relevance.

 The morning visit on 29th August 2023 was marked by the presence of distinguished individuals from both Aleco and Prokon, alongside key figures from the department. The Chairman of the department, Dr. Osano, and Prof. Mumenya, along with Eng. Muthomi and Mr. Ochieng from the University of Nairobi, welcomed the representatives, setting the stage for productive discussions.

Eng. Atai, Mr. Nthambiri, and Mr. Wachira represented Aleco, an industry leader known for its expertise in engineering consulting services. On the other side, Prokon was represented by Scott, Alan, and Snyman, bringing in their wealth of experience in structural engineering software solutions.

A significant highlight of the meeting was Prokon's announcement of their generous donation. The company pledged to provide educational licenses to the University of Nairobi, a move set to enhance the teaching and learning experience in the department. These licenses will undoubtedly prove invaluable in training the next generation of civil engineers with cutting-edge tools that mirror real-world practice.

Snyman, a representative from Prokon, delivered a technical presentation that illuminated the audience on the capabilities of Prokon software for structural design of reinforced concrete buildings. The presentation showcased the software's robust features and user-friendly interface, reinforcing the idea that such tools can bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

The collaborative potential of this partnership is immense. The alliance between Aleco and Prokon with the Department of Civil & Construction Engineering speaks to the evolving landscape of education and practice in engineering. It reflects the commitment of industry leaders to invest in the growth of academic institutions and to equip students with the skills needed to thrive in the professional realm.

The event served as a platform for fruitful discussions and exchange of ideas. Eng. Muthomi expressed his gratitude for the commitment shown by both Aleco and Prokon, emphasizing the significance of such partnerships in shaping the future of engineering education.

As the meeting concluded, the representatives from Aleco and Prokon expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration. The Chairman, Dr. Osano, extended his appreciation for the shared vision of both organizations to contribute to the growth and excellence of the department.

The Department of Civil & Construction Engineering at the University of Nairobi looks forward to harnessing the potential of this collaboration for the betterment of its students and the advancement of the field. The shared commitment to knowledge transfer, skills enhancement, and industry-academia synergy promises a future where academia and practice stand hand in hand, propelling engineering education and practice to greater heights.

This courtesy call, marked by promising discussions and pledges of support, has set the stage for a partnership that promises to redefine engineering education and industry collaboration. The Department of Civil & Construction Engineering expresses its gratitude to Aleco and Prokon for their unwavering support and visionary outlook.

As this partnership unfolds, the department envisions a future where students are empowered with the tools and knowledge to shape the world through innovative engineering solutions, all thanks to the collaborative efforts of Aleco, Prokon, and the University of Nairobi. 


Prokon, Aleco and University of Nairobi

More pictures can be found online: https://civil.uonbi.ac.ke/node/527