2012 Civil & Construction Engineering  Annual Report


Teaching and Learning


The Department of Civil and Construction Engineering offiers a range of programs at both graduate and undergraduate levels.


At the undergraduate level, after completing their first year courses, students are offered courses in applied mechanics, hydraulics, surveying, materials, structures, engineering management, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, environmental health engineering and water resources engineering.  Courses in mathematics, computer programming and non-technical subjects are also obligatory in the programme.


At the graduate level, the course is intended for engineers with suitable qualifications and/or professionals experience who wish to study further or expand their range of expertise in specified field of civil engineering.  The specialized options offered are:


Geotechnical Engineering

Dealing with properties and behavior of the ground, interactions between structures and their foundations.


Structural Engineering

Focusing on the built environment, including structural design, materials, reliability, construction and the management of ageing infrastructure.


Transportation Engineering

Focusing on transportation planning, pavement design, traffic design and control operations, transportation safety and pollution control.


Environmental Health Engineering

This deals with supply of safe water through treatment and the disposal of such liquid or solid wastes as may be generated room activities in the living environment.


Water Resources Engineering

Focuses on water supply and distribution as well as other fluids like oil and their required structures.  It also includes water resources management and administration.


  • Course offered:           Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Master of Science in Civil Engineering



  • Enrolled students
    • BSc. level:       656
    • Master level:      34
    • PhD. Level:           3


  • Number of  graduands:       
    • BSc. Level:      90
    • Master level:      2
    • PhD level           1



  • International student component:  6



Service Delivery


Metrocount pneumatic vehicle classifier system training for the following technical staff by KURA on 23rd – 27th July, 2012 at Sports View Hotel-Kasarani.

  1. Martin Mburu
  2. Kenneth Kaunda
  3. Sammy Gatimu
  4. Charles Kirui
  5. Stephen Ochieng’
  6. Roselyn Masoni


Fire marshalls and fire drills skills at the St. John House.

  1. Maxwell Odira
  2. Stephen Ochieng’
  3. Wairimu Njuguna –trained on HIV/AIDS and breast cancer


- Mr. S. Osano Mr. J. Kanyugo has been trained on Research and Project Grant   writing.

- W. Njuguna has been trained on Customer Care.


Research, Innovation and Consultancy


Research /Publications activities undertaking:  


Research papers by Prof. S. K. Mwea, S. Osano


Title:    Root tensile strength of 3 typical plants and their contribution to soil shear strength - Journal of Civil Engineering Research and Practice Vol. 8 No. 1 pp 57 - 73

            Authors:  Osano Simpson Nyambane, Sixtus Kinyua Mwea


Title:    A Study on the Engineering Behaviour of Nairobi Subsoil Journal – Vol 6 No. 7 July 2011 ISSN 1819 - 6608

 Authors :- Onyancha m , C., Mathu, E., Mwea, S., & Ngecu, W.


            Title:  “Pull-Out Resistance Of 3 Different Plant Species And Their Application In Slope  Stabilization Works Journal Of Engineering Indian Centre For Advanced Scientific And Technological Research ” (Icastor() Volume 5, No. 1 January 2012


Authors: Osano S, Mwea S.K and Gichaga F .J


By Dr. Simeon Dulo-Assessment of urban water supply: case study of Athi River Town.

 Dr. Ezekiel Nyangeri-Visionary and knowledge management in strategic development of water services




  • International links and collaborations





Prof. Mwea: Civil & Mr. S. K. Mutua Structural services to

  • Agriculture Building – Upper Kabete
  • Appointed External Examiner at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Engineering
  • Appointed External Examiner at Mombasa Polytechnic University College.
  • Extension to Kenyatta National Hospital Library
  • Extension to  teaching facilities at Dental School
  • Investigation of Top Plaza for the Pensions Department – University of Nairobi

Prof. Mwea: Consultant for Howard Humphreys East Africa Limited


Papers presented at conferences


Proposed project proposal by Dr. Mumenya







Clean Industrial Concept of  recycling waste plastics for infrastructure development and wealth creation

Dr. S. Mumenya

Proposed project proposal in response to:NCST call

30th August, 2012


Direct shear box and ring shear test comparison: why does internal angle of friction vary

Dr. S. Osano

ICASTOR Journal of Engineering





Any other Activities

Community Service


  Prof. S.K. Mwea and Eng. D. Koteng’ attended a workshop on Eurocodes in Kenya.

            Prof. F. J. Gichaga    –    Chairman of National Council for Science and Technology

  • Appointment as Fellow of the Kenya National Academy of Sciences
  • Appointed as a BOG member – Kagumo High School

Prof. S.K. Mwea attended a stakeholders’ workshop to provide comments on the developed      policy guidelines for an internship programme for graduate engineers.

Eng. D. Koteng’ attended a conference on Regional Infrastructure.

Eng. J. Mwero attended a workshop on Material Scientists.


Prof. S. K. Mwea: Guest of Honor at St. Benedict’s Kithimu

Prof. F. Gichaga Speech during 19th Graduation Ceremony  at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology

            Prof. F. J. Gichaga    - Speech during inauguration of JKUAT Arusha Campus.

 - Speech during county governance certificates award ceremony- Safari     park hotel.

Prof. F. J. Gichaga    -     Speech during the inauguration of Multi Media University College          

                                            On 28th November, 2012

  • Speech on 20th graduation ceremony at JKUAT on 30th November, 2012


Prof. S. K. Mwea      -     Moderation of 1st semester examinations results for 2012/2013        academic year.

  • Invitation to E.S.A- Huawei technologies ltd sports day
  • Awarded a certificate for presenting paper titled “Variation of Groundwater static levels in Nairobi City since 1927”.


Dr. S. W. Mumenya  -      Attended a workshop at Institute of Trade Development on Training courses on the design of low cost technologies for water and wastewater on 29th October – 2nd November, 2012.



Seminars & Graduation by MSc. & PhD Students


Seminar by Barrack Okoya – MSc. Student & Graduate Assistant

Seminar by James Odongo - MSc. Student

Seminar by Clive Kiage Temu - MSc. Student

Seminar by Meshack Onyango - PhD. Student

Seminar by Kipyator Franklin- MSc. student

Seminar by Richard Manjanja - MSc. student

Graduation for a PhD student – Osano Simpsons

Graduation for MSc. students – Clive Temu Kiage, Adoyo Felix Otieno & Agwaro Paul Ogutu