Design of 4000 m3 /day Capacity Water Treatment Works for Kiambu Town

This project report details the design of a raw water treatment plant for supply to Kiambu
Town. A projected twenty year water demand survey indicates a supply need of 4000 cubic
metres of water per day. The treatment plant designed is to produce safe potable water to
meet this demand. In addition, the site plan for the placement of the treatment plant has been
developed in this report.
The design has been done in accordance to the specifications in the Practice Manual for
Water Supply Services in Kenya, by the Ministry of Water and Irrigation. In addition
hydraulic concepts have been utilised to produce the calculations. Reference has also been
made to the American Water Works Association treatment plant design guide.
The components of treatment works sized include; an inlet and mixing chamber, two
flocculating chambers of dimensions 9.75m by 6.45m by 1.5m, three sedimentation tanks
each of dimensions 15m by 4m by 3.1 m, four filter chambers each 4m long, 3 m wide and
3.75m deep , backwash tank of capacity of 80 m3 and contact tank of capacity of 100m3.


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