Nyandarua County has two water companies and about 106 community based organizations. Though there has been considerable efforts by these companies and organizations to supply water in the county, large areas in the county remain un-served and hence no access to clean water supply. The companies and the organizations supply water both by pumping and flow of gravity. This largely depends on the terrain, the location of the project and the source of water for supply.

The major sources of water supplied by the providers include boreholes, rivers and natural springs.

Most of the residents in Nyandarua depend on rain water for domestic water and also watering their farms. Many times the rains have been unpredictable making the residents of this area at a loss again. The available sources of water in this region are far from the households making the women and children travel far distances in search of water. This utilizes a lot of time which could have been otherwise engaged in an economic activity for further development in the region.

The rainfall patterns in this region are unpredictable and hence cannot be relied upon for farming and use. Nyandarua County is highly agricultural and hence a reliable supply of safe water is worthwhile.

This project involved the study of water services provision in Nyandarua County. The study considered the existing water service providers and the projects facilitating the provision of water in the county, study the effectiveness of the management of water service providers in the county and the various challenges faced by the water services providers in their bid to supply water in the county.

It involved a review of the existing write up on water service provision, water service providers, regulation governing the operation of water service providers and their performance. The research methods employed during the study included field surveys, interviews and questionnaire administration. The data was analyzed in terms of water companies and community based organizations (CBOs) in the county, their mode of water supply technology whether by pumping or by flow of gravity, their source of supply water, their management structure and the challenges faced by the companies in their bid to supply clean water in the county.

According to the study, it was found that the service providers face various challenges in the bid to supply water in the county. Among them included non-revenue water, leadership wrangles in their management structures, inadequate funds to expand their service areas, lack of treatment works to treat raw water hence end up supplying untreated water, unsafe for domestic use.

The study recommends that awareness trainings need to be carried out in the communities on the need for the water projects, community based organizations to consider working under the management of the water companies to solve the challenge of management problems, installations of water meters at strategic positions to help deal with the issue of non-revenue water and also the service providers to raise the water tariffs to raise more funds and improve on the water supply systems.

Also, the study recommended the need for water treatment plants to treat the water making it fit for the domestic use and the adoption of the various water projects by the county government for funding and maintenance.