Road should be viewed as an important national assets. Like any other assets, road must be
regularly maintained to keep them serviceable. The study conducted on the Nairobi County,
whereby there were agencies involved to specifically to manage and maintain the road assets.
The aim of this study is to study road maintenance system in Nairobi County; identify the
common problems in road maintenance and financial trends already in place. This was
informed by the government agencies involved in maintenance including; Kenya National
Highways Authority (KeNHA), Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA), Kenya Urban Roads
Authority (KURA), Nairobi City County Government as well as their maintenance work
The study is carried out through discussions, obtaining relevant information and sample roads
were taken. The discussions were conducted with the personnel involving in road maintenance
management. Information obtained included maintenance funding budget for previous years
was obtained from the Kenya Roads Board, disbursement criteria of the funds to be given to
various road agencies, proposed maintenance budget and the approved maintenance budget and
the unit costing. Sample roads were selected for better analysis of the information obtained
from the agencies. One road per agency was selected. Site visit was conducted to ascertain the
works done.
Proposed maintenance budget and the approved maintenance budget were compared and there
was disparities observed. From the unit costing, it was observed that the resources available
were not enough. Discussions were also conducted with the Engineer. These discussions helped
to clarify any information obtained. Site visit was conducted to ascertain the works done and
some challenges faced on site were identified.
On the basis of the findings in this study, the recommendations were made to improve the road
maintenance in Nairobi County.