This study on geometric design of Changamwe – Kwa Jomvu Road was for optimum efficiency in traffic operation and maximum safety at reasonable cost where Highway alignment, road classification and Pavement surface characteristics were analysed.

A measure of the goods being carried from the port, shopping trips, the persons travelling to the airport, the persons making marketing trips and those making work trips and how effectively these trips are made was done. The measurement of these land- use involve determining the vehicle using the road daily by type and freight they carry and purpose for which these trips are made. This is done by carrying out classified traffic manual counts to determine the amount of traffic on the road, vehicle and vehicle loading characteristics together with their origin and destinations. Thus such movements cover motorized and non-motorized traffic. Consequently these data are averaged over the period of count, projected to the design year for purposes of determining cumulative standard axles for pavement design and road capacity assessment to reduce congestion.

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