Some dams constructed for the purpose of provision of water for domestic and industrial use have failed as a result of poor design, construction and maintenance practices. This failure has had negative impacts on human and animal population mostly on the downstream side of the dam which include: death of people and animals due to drowning, and destruction of property and fertile agricultural land as a result of collapse of the dam embankment. Therefore, there is need to avoid these dam failures by ensuring proper design, construction and maintenance of earth dams. Inspection is also very important as it helps in correcting dam problems hence preventing dam failure. This report therefore looks at the necessary requirements for site investigations, design, construction and inspection and maintenance of earth dams majorly on embankment and foundation to prevent problems that lead to failure of earth dams. These problems are also discussed.
During this study, an inspection of Muoni dam was done to assess the current status of the dam while reviewing the design and construction practices and identify problems, if any, so that early maintenance and repair can be done to prevent future failure of the dam. Components inspected include: embankment, reservoir, spillway and intake structure and outlet works. During this inspection, visible problems were noted and probable causes given where possible and recommendations on mitigation measures given. It was concluded that proper design and construction was done but maintenance of Muoni dam has not been properly done as deep rooted trees are let to grow on the embankment, animal burrows are present on the embankment, and the dam area has not been fenced leading to people and animals accessing the embankment and causing erosion of the embankment material. All these problems may lead to eventual failure of the dam if not corrected. The reservoir is also heavily silted as a result of accumulation of silt from the surrounding area which has steep slope. It was therefore recommended to: repair parts of the dam that were destroyed by erosion and seal animal burrows and remove the trees from the embankment to prevent possible dam failure. It was also recommended to desilt the reservoir in order to restore its capacity.


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