An integrated sustainable Approach to water scarcity in arid and semi-arid areas: A case study of Isiolo Central

Water is a limited commodity. In arid and semi-arid Kenya, there is a big problem in meeting the
water requirements due to the absence of adequate water resources since most of them are
seasonal. This study seeks to determine whether use of an integrated resource management
approach will solve this water problem. This approach seeks to optimize the available resources,
manage the demand, ensure public participation and manage the water resources
The study has taken a case study of Isiolo Central which is mostly a semi-arid region with some
parts classified under arid regions. Optimum yields for water resources with data on monitoring
and sizing have been determined. Current water abstraction was ascertained and compared
against the optimum yields and the amounts currently abstracted and used. Under exploitation,
lack of monitoring, lack of exploitation of alternative sources and management issues such as
land management practices, sustainable exploitation, storm water management, water demand
management and water quality have been shown to reduce water available to meet demand.
Solutions for optimizing systems with these issues have been recommended.
The study has then recommended prioritized monitoring and data recording, setting up a GIS,
creating a model area for empirical recommendations and enforces rule, regulations and
prohibitions of the current water act and WRM rules


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