This project covers the design of the Proposed Sigiri Bridge Approach Roads. It aims at explaining and showing how the construction exercise will be done.
It is organised into seven chapters. The first chapter introduces the reader to the project, its location as well as the objectives of the study and scope.
The second chapter covers the literature review which entails types of pavements, stress distribution in Flexible pavements, Traffic loading on Flexible pavements, Pavement materials as well as the design Methods of which the design would be based on.
Chapter three deals with methodology of data collection as well as materials investigations.
Chapter four deals with analysis of the data and the materials investigation results for both the alignment soils and for the material sites obtained using the methodology described in chapter three. Chapter five entails traffic survey.
The sixth chapter deals with the design process of the proposed pavement for the Sigiri Bridge Approach Roads which will be finally recommended to out in practice.
Chapter seven entails the Discussion, Recommendation and Conclusion.
All these arrangements are aimed at achieving the main objective of the study which targets at providing a preliminary pavement design for the proposed Sigiri Bridge Approach Roads that will ensures safe, convenient and economical service to the users.


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