Hydrological Study of the Upper Athi River Basin

This report deals with the water resources and the usage of water in the Upper Athi River
Catchment Basin. A detailed study of the hydrology of the area has been made using the data at
present available, together with the results of such detailed studies as were made during the
period of the investigation.
The area investigated includes the tributary catchments on the upper area of the Athi River
upstream of the outlet regular gauging station, which lies just above Fourteen Falls near. The
Athi River and its upper tributaries drain south east slopes of the southern end of the Aberdare
Range, and part of the eastern slopes of the Ngong Hills, with major Counties like Nairobi
,Thika, Kiambu and Machakos present within the Catchment Basin.
Statistical analysis of the available records collected was done. An assessment of the low flows
was done and expected flood flows at the outlet were determined. The required storage was also
determined at specific points in the river. Rainfall data was collected and analysis done for the
catchment. This included the seasonal rainfall in the area, the average rainfall in the catchment
and the available water for water resources development.
The river has high flows thus experience flooding. The river has a good potential for storage of
excess water.


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