Over the years, the prices of raw materials have been rising every single day. There has also been a
lot of emphasis on the conservation of the environment by advocating for the use of renewable
sources for materials in the construction industry and even in the other fields like energy
production. The use of synthetic fibre was more dominant in reinforcement of concrete but now
natural fibre is becoming more popular. These have been produced in an effort to develop low cost
materials and sustainable constructions. More recently, the use of natural fibres in construction has
been incorporated in thin elements for roofing, cladding, and internal and external partitioning
walls; as a substitute for asbestos [4]. One way to reduce the harmful destruction of the ecosystem is
to have policies encouraging the use of natural fibres as micro-reinforcing composites in light
concrete structures. It is bio-degradable, eco-friendly and sustainable over a long period. It also has
social-economic gains especially in developing countries.
The aim of this research was to determine the effectiveness of the use of naturally occurring fibres
as a micro-reinforcement in concrete, mortar and cements. The various types of natural fibres
available for reinforcing concretes, the mix proportions, the method of mixing, handling and
placing, and the properties of fresh and hardened natural fibre reinforced concretes are described in

19%.For parallel fibres , samples were tested in flexure only. During failure, fibre pull-out was
observed and the composites behaved in a ductile manner with the fibres being able to sustain some
load even when cracks had developed fully across the specimen.
However, research needs to be done to come up with admixtures that prevent or reducing balling of
the fibres and also reduce the deterioration of the fibers in concrete mix. Treatment methods are
also under investigation to increase the fibre strength.
From the research, it was discovered that natural fibres are being used by engineers as structural
elements in various projects one of them being the Pensmore-Chateau mansion, that is a castle
being built to withstand large forces from natural and manmade disasters. Studies are also being
done on incorporating natural fibres in bio-concrete production (a type of concrete that heals itself
preventing progression of cracks).


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