Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Study of the Suntec Sagana Hotel in Kirinyaga County, Republic of Kenya



Environmental and social impact assessment is the analysis of a proposed project so as to identify and measure the impacts it will have on the physical environment, the bio-chemical environment as well as the socio-economic environment of the project area. With this, the viability of the project is assessed, projects that are extremely destructive to nature should not be allowed. The impacts are assessed before, during and after construction.

The proposed Suntec Sagana hotel will be located in the southern part of Kirinyaga County in Kenya, along the Nairobi-Nyeri highway, turning off to the left immediately after the Sagana bridge and the climbing lane. It is to be one hundred and forty six (146) room four star hotel whose total cost will be about Kenya shillings 1.2 billion, with the main structural works costing approximately Kenya shillings three hundred and seventy five (375) million.

The study was aimed at establishing and measuring the environmental impacts of the proposed hotel during construction, after commissioning (during its operation) and in the event of a decommissioning of the hotel. This was achieved via interacting with the public, visits and observations of the site and its surroundings and background research of the area and county (gathering baseline information). The findings from these processes were used to identify and estimate the potential environmental impacts both positive and negative.

After identification and measurement of the proposed impacts, mitigation measures for the negative impacts were provided and these would be used for environmental management of the project. Photographs and other appendices are also included in the report.

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