Greywater Reuse Technology for Urban and Periurban Residences


The purpose of this project is the study of greywater reuse systems as a means to augment existing freshwater resources.  This project looks at the various qualities of greywater, such as physical and chemical characteristics, as well as quantities of greywater produced by a typical household with the purpose of determining what uses the greywater can be put to.

Measurements taken on site as well as a review of case studies on successfully completed projects were used to establish the practicality and benefits of greywater when it is used as a resource. Two case studies were reviewed, including a system installed in a school and another project involving multiple installations in different settings in an arid environment.

With the looming water crisis and the applicability of greywater systems, it is valid to say that on-site greywater treatment systems are likely to play a large role in the conservation of existing water resources.

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