Water is the most important natural resource in the world, without which life cannot exist.
The source of water is usually not good for himan and livestock consumption and will likely
cause diseases and thus sometime theres is need for treating the water before supllying it to
homes and institutions.
The study area is in Kibingei ward which is located in the north of Bungoma County,
Western Kenya. It has two sub-locations, that is, Kibingei and Chebukwabi. The area is
characterized by cool temperate climate with two rainy seasons with average rainfall from
1200mm to 1800mm per annum.
This project involves the design of a gravity water supply system for the population in
Kibingei ward. In the gravity system, water flows by gravity from the intake to the
transmission mains and no pumping work is required but in this area gravity ill not be
possible since the topography of the area is not a constant slope from the source to the supply
area. This conclusion was reached after a topographic profile of the area was taken and
drawn. Therefore the supply of water will be by use of a pumping system. Water will be

sourced from Kibisi River in the Mount Elgon Forest.
The project will serve a population of 43,034, 55,086 and 70,516 people representing the
initial, future and ultimate population respectively. The total water demand within the project
area is 4,603m3/day, 7,018m3/day and 11,628m3/day for the initial, future and ultimate period
respectively for the Kibingei ward.The Ultimate design flow is 8,434m3/day and
3,194m3/day for Chebukwabi and Kibingei sub-locations respectively. The storage
requirement is 4217m3for Chebukwabi and 1,597m3for Kibingei. There are eight storage
reservoirs in both the areas.
The presence of a safe and reliable source of water is thus an essential prerequisite for the
establishment of a stable community. The presence of safe and reliable source of water is
necessary for the people of Kibingei Ward.


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