Waste is part of the society, it’s unavoidable evil and must be handled very carefully. Solid waste is a
global problem that involve multinational governments both the developing and developed countries.
This project gives a detailed analysis of the solid waste situation in Eastleigh area. An area that has
experienced rapid development and population growth in the last decade.
The state of the environment around human settlement has enormous impact on the health of the
population. To have a clean environment is therefore of paramount importance in order to avoid
negative impacts of environment in our health. The way the refuse is handled in our settlements has a
direct influence on the extent to which we attempt to keep our environment clean
Solid waste, popularly known as garbage , is a function of population occupying an area. With the
high population increase in our urban areas, there is need to properly dispose the refuse in a way that
is in accordance with the best practice of public health , engineering and economics.
An attempt to identify the major cause of failure of the city council to manage solid waste in Eastleigh

area is made. In this project the current solid waste situation in Nairobi in general is discussed
followed by specific situations and case studies in Eastleigh area.
The project has six chapters. The first two chapters give an overall review of solid waste problem
starting from waste generation and handling to collection and ultimate disposal. The next two chapters
deals with analysis of the field results including questionnaires and oral interviews, and discussion of
the results and the existing solid waste management systems in Eastleigh and finally recommendation
on the best ways to manage wastes and other alternative techniques


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