An Investigation into the use of Cement Stabilized Murram Soil as a Mortar for Construction

In the developing countries, requirements for shelter can only be met by using local building
materials and relying on do-it-yourself construction techniques. Soil for a long time has been the
most important natural building material and thanks to its abundance, in its various forms, it is
one of the most widely used building materials known.
This study sought to investigate some of the properties of cement stabilized murram soil with the
aim of showing that soil-based mortars can still be put into use in construction today just as they
have been used in the past.
The study involved performing a series of tests on a murram soil sample that was collected from
Isinya in Kajiado County after stabilizing it with ordinary Portland cement. Its most critical
properties in both the fresh and hardened state were determined; i.e. setting time and
compressive strength respectively.

The conclusions of the investigation affirmed that the use of cement stabilized murram mortar
can be applied in construction as far the investigated parameters are concerned.


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