FCE 525 - Water Resources Engineering

Water Law:-  Introduction to common law; Water Codes; Ground Water and National Law and Water policy.  Planning for Water Resources development:- National, regional, catchment planning; objective of planning; planning process; introduction to multiple purpose projects; introduction to systems analysis.  Economics in Water Resources planning:-  Importance; costing and cost allocation; interest rates; taxed; economy studies e.g. cost-benefit, annual cost comparison.  water resources for arid and semi arid areas:- Surface and subsurface Dams; Rainwater Harvesting.  Dams; spillways; gates and outlet works:-  Focus on Dams stability of Dam and spill way section; types of dams; construction and design requirements for different types of dams; types of spillways, gates and outlets; scour protection and energy dissipation.  Reservoir: physical characteristics; capacity and yield of reservoirs determination methods.  Sedimentation in reservoir.  Hydroelectric power:- types of plants and layouts; systems and loads in power plants, arrangement and operation of elements.  Power duration curves.

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