FCE 511 - Geotechnical Engineering III



Shallow Foundations


Introduction.  Foundation loading intensities.  Bearing capacity, (ultimate, safe, gross and allowable).  Influence of ground watertable, sloping ground, inclined and eccentric loads on allowable bearing capacity.  Design of shallow foundations for shear strength and settlements.  Examples of foundation design (e.g. strips, pad), combined footings, raft footings.


Piled Foundation


Types of piles driven and bored pile, friction and endbearing pile.  Design of piles by soil mechanics methods, end bearing, skin friction and ultimate bearing resistance.  Piles in sands.  Piles in cohesive soils - total and effective stress analysis.  Design from pile tests data. 

End bearing piles on rock.  Settlement of piles.  Dynamic formula.  Negative skin friction.  Pile groups  -  bearing capacity in cohesive and cohensionless soils.


Introduction to Earth Dams


Design of earth embankment - honogenous and zoned dams.  Definitions e.g. fetch, waterspread, shell free board etc.  Factors influencing site selection.  Spillways.  Settlements of embankments.  Protection of upstream and downstream slopes.


Site Investigations


Introduction, purpose of Site Investigation, organisation of Site investigation for different types of structures e.g. buildings, irrigation or water supply projects, highways and airport pavements, etc.  Methods of Investigation.  Sampling.  Borehole logs.  Geophysical methods.  Geotechnical reports.

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