FCE 461 - Statistics

FCE 461 - Statistics (45 hrs)

Probability distributions:

Normal, t, chi-square, F and multinomial distributions.  Random Variables:

Concept of the random variable, discrete and continuous distributions.


Expectation of a random variable, laws of expectation, variance and covariance, moments generations, Chebyshev's theorem.


Sample mean, variance, covariance sampling distributions of the means, and of the difference of means and related quantities.


Accuracy and precision, methods of estimation, confidence intervals.  Estimating the mean, difference of two means, the variance and the ration of two variances.

Significance tests:

Statistical hypotheses, tests of samples means, variances, confidence limits, independence.


Linear, curvilinear, and multiple regression and correlation.

Analysis of Variances:

One way and two way classification.  Test for equality of several variance, muthjole range test.

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