FCE 412 - Geotechnical Engineering IIB

FCE 412 - Geotechnical Engineering IIB (45 hrs)


Shear Strength:


Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion.  Shear strength tests.  Shear strength tests of sands.  Shear strength test of saturated clays.  Total and effective stress analysis.  Pore pressure coefficients.  Residual shear strength.  Insitu piezometer measurements.


Slope Stability


Introduction.  Total stress analysis for = 0 soils - Taylor stability charts.  Methods of slices, total and effective stress analysis for C - Soils.  Infinite slope slip.  Stability of earth embankment dams, rapid draw downs. 


Lateral Earth Pressures


Introduction, state of plastic equilibrium.  Rankines theory and applications.  Coulombs theory - graphical applications.  Tension cracks, points of application of active and passive thrusts, wall movements sufficiency.  Choice of backfill material and backfill drainage.


Earth Retaining Structures


Gravity and cantilever walls.  Sheet pile wall Cantilever and anchored pipes.  Free earth support method.  Fixed earth support methods.  Introduction to braced excavations, diaphragm walls and reinforced earth.

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