FCE 411 - Geotechnical Engineering IIA

Stress Analysis:

Pressure bulbs.  Stress distribution due to point load and distributed loads (Boussinesq).  Janbu et al, Fadun and Newmark charts.  Contact pressures.

Settlement of Soils

Elastic theory in soil mechanics.  Immediate settlements of cohesive soils (Janbu et al. Charts).  Consolidation Settlements.  Oedometer test.  Compressibility characteristic of soils, coefficients of compressibility, compression, index, preconsolidation pressures.  One dimensional consolidation settlements.  Degree of consolidation.  Rate of consolidation.  Secondary Consolidation.

Seepage Analysis

Seepage theory.  Influence of seepage on effective stress.  Critical hydraulic gradient, quick sand conditions.  Flow nets for homogenous soils, anisotropic homogenous soils and non-homogenous soils.  Seepage loss calculations and stability analysis in cofferdams and concrete dams.  Seepage through earth embankment dams.  Seepage control.  Laboratory tests - consolidation tests.

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