FCE 311 - Geotechnical Engineering I

FCE 311 - Geotechnical Engineering I (45 hrs)

Introduction - definitions of Soil Mechanics and Soil.  Soil formation - physical and chemical weathering, residual and alluvial soils, and tropical soils.  Clay minerals, soil structure, consistency and plasticity of soils.  Physical properties of soils water content, specific gravity, bulk and dry densities, field densities.  Soil classification - field identification of soils.  Particle size analysis, Soil classification system.  Phase relationships, soil compaction and laboratory and field compaction tests.  Dry density/water content/air content relationships.  Permeability - Darcy's law, laboratory and field methods of determining coefficient of permeability, coefficient of permeability for stratified deposits.  Effective stress.  Laboratory tests, (Index, sieving, hydrometes, permeability).

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