FCE 131 - Physics IA

FCE 131 - Physics IA


Mechanics and Properties of Matter:


Introduction to dynamics: circular motion; simple harmonic motion (SHM); rotation of rigid bodies; Newton's Law of gravitation Introduction to statics: force systems on rigid bodies at rest: equilibrium: fluid statics.  Introduction to properties of matter: elasticity in solids, viscosity in fluids, friction.


Sound and Vibration:


Introduction to Sound:  Wave phenomenon; sound waves; velocity of sound.  Introduction of vibration:  Free vibrations of particles (SHM).  Simple pendulum; free vibrations of rigid bodies.




Internal energy and temperature; phase changes of the pure substance.  Isothermal and isobaric compressibility of gases, liquids and solids.


Heat transfer: conduction, convention, and radiation Kinetic theory of gases: perfect gas equation; intermolecular forces, specific heats, and equipartition of energy.

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